Hack the Piano Downloadable Course Edition

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Play. By Chords. By Ear. By Heart.

The complete downloadable course to playing piano by ear.

Hack the Piano is the essential method to playing contemporary piano.

Deconstructing and teaching the foundation of music - chords and rhythmical patterns - to truly make you understand music, you’ll sound like a pro within weeks in stead of years.

Have the bible of Pop-Piano explained to you with clear video instructions, learn to speak the language of music and express yourself with the exact approach professional musicians use, playing anything by ear and heart.

This course is a 15 part video training series in which Coen explains and exemplifies his entire Hack the Piano method at the piano. 

Previously exclusively for Premium Members, now available here for anybody to learn the fundamentals of Chord Piano in the shortest amount of time possible!

The Premium Bundle upgrade adds the original Hack the Piano Master-Method Guide (.pdf) plus many very convenient tools to help you ace Chord Piano even faster: 95+ example videos & MIDIs, practice beats, chords & scales cheat sheets and 25 Premium Song Chord Sheets.

Everything is downloadable to your own device

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Piano Hacker's ToolKit (Included with the Premium Bundle):

Example Videos
Example MIDIs
97 (.midi)
All Chords Cheat Sheet
All Chords Scales Sheet
Practice Beats
12 (.mp3)
Premium Song Chord Sheets
25 (.pdf)
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Hack the Piano Downloadable Course Edition

3 ratings
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