Pentatonic Run Down Pattern

Piano Couture
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In this lesson I’ll teach a cool pentatonic lick, show it’s multifunctionality (obviously) by exemplifying in different situations and with various ways of timing it.

This pack includes:

  • The full HD Tutorial Video.
  • A handout (.pdf) with all pics and explanation in this tutorial
  • Two MIDI files. The techique and the fast end run variation.
  • The audio-only file for when you want to learn on the go (“listen to learn” is golden, as Piano Hackers know)
  • You'll get

  • Tutorial Video
  • Handout
  • Audio-Only
  • MIDIs
  • You'll get
  • Tutorial VideoHD
  • Handout.pdf
  • Audio-Only.mp3
  • MIDIs2x
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Pentatonic Run Down Pattern

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